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Annual Meeting Schedule Update

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This year’s IBR Annual Meeting looks very different in light of the precautions in response to COVID-19. As an Affiliate of SBL, IBR has worked closely with them to ensure that those groups and presentations that wish to go forward this year are able to do so.

This year’s Annual Lecture has been postponed until our anticipated 2021 Annual Meeting. We look forward to hearing Dr. Sandra Richter’s annual lecture, with responses given by Drs. Ralph Hawkins and Roger Nam. Also postponed until next year are IBR Unscripted, the Worship service, and the breakfast for the IBR Women Scholars, and the IBR Ethnic Minority Scholars. Our partner groups with the Tyndale House Scripture Collective (Scripture and Hermeneutics, Scripture and Doctrine, Scripture and the Church, and Scripture and the University) have also all postponed their events until next year.

New this year is the IBR Students Coffee Hour, which will be held virtually on Thursday, December 3 from 1:00–3:00 (EST). Sponsored by the new IBR Students initiative, it is an opportunity tor Student and Associate members to network, be encouraged, and share great advice about academia. Dr. Craig Keener will share at the event. For more information contact [email protected].

We are disappointed that we are unable to meet in person this year, but recognize the wisdom in the decisions made. We are grateful for our speakers and participants who have worked so graciously with us as we have made difficult decisions regarding the program.

The whole program committee looks forward to meeting in person next year. It will be a well-anticipated program.

For those Research Groups meeting online in 2020, the schedule is as follow:

  • Nov 30, 5–7 pm: Asian-American Biblical Interpretation: Evangelical Voices
  • Dec 1, 10am–12pm: Relationship between the OT and the NT
  • Dec 1, 1–3pm: Multidisciplinary Approaches and the Gospels
  • Dec 2, 5–7pm: Early Christian Judaism
  • Dec 2, 5–7pm: Biblical Violence
  • Dec 7, 10am–12pm: Early Historical Books (Joshua–Kings)
  • Dec 7, 1–3pm: Emerging Scholarship on the Old and New Testaments
  • Dec 7, 1–3pm: Book of the Twelve Prophets in Biblical Scholarship
  • Dec 9, 5–7pm: Isaiah and Intertextuality
  • Dec 10, 5–7pm: Linguistics and the Biblical Text