Isaiah and Intertextuality

The IBR Isaiah group is part of a multi-year project in the general theme of Isaiah, Intertextuality, and the Old Testament. In 2020, the group is exploring intertextual links between Isaiah and the Nevi’im, with four invited papers. For more information, contact Andrew Abernethy ( or Wilson de Angelo Cunha (

Dec 7, 5–7pm

  • Andrew Abernethy, Wheaton College (Illinois), Presiding
  • Wilson de Angelo Cunha, LeTourneau University, Presiding
  • Hugh G. M. Williamson, University of Oxford
    Isaiah and Jeremiah
    (25 min)
  • Beth M. Stovell, Ambrose University College and Seminary
    Of King and Coal, Hearing and Hardening: Ezekiel’s Intertextual Use of Isaiah in Conceptualizing Divine Presence and Prophetic Call
    (25 min)
  • Alphonso Groenewald, University of Pretoria
    Social justice versus cult criticism in Isaiah (1:10–20) and Amos (5:21–24)? A Trauma Perspective
    (25 min)
  • Mark Boda, McMaster Divinity College
    Isaiah in Zechariah: Assyria and Babylon in the Redemptive Plan for Zion
    (25 min)
  • Discussion (15 min)