Scripture and Church Seminar

The 2018 theme for the Scripture and Church Seminar will bring into focus the complex relationship between the church and the Kingdom of God. Some of the critical questions we will engage with an interdisciplinary panel of presenters are: How does Scripture shape a church of covenant subjects of, or partners with, the King? How does Scripture disclose the church as the community gathered before the King? What insight does Scripture provide for how the church is to live as dual citizens of the Kingdom of God and earthly political nation-states? And since Scripture reveals to us the ever-present God who is King, what does it mean that the Church is the Worshippers of the Present-and-Coming-King? Each paper of this year's meeting will address one of these important scholarly and practical questions. For further information contact Mike Wagenman, and the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics at

Michael Wagenman, Western University, Presiding

Michael Wagenman, Western University, Welcome (5 min)

Michael Wagenman, Western University, Scripture Reading and Prayer (5 min)

Jonathan Pennington, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Church as the Community Gathered before the King (25 min)

Jonathan Leeman, 9Marks, Washington, DC
Church as Dual Citizens of Kingdom and State (25 min)

Break (10 min)

Amy Peeler, Wheaton College (Illinois)
Church of Worshipers of the Present-and-Coming King: The Time and Place of Worship in the Epistle to the Hebrews (25 min)

Panel Discussion

Discussion (25 min)

General Discussion

Discussion (25 min)

Michael Wagenman, Western University, Scripture Reading and Prayer (5 min)