Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar

This year, SAHS will run a joint session with the SBL Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures Section.

Theme: An Engagement with Jeremiah Unterman's Justice for All.

Heath Thomas, Oklahoma Baptist University, Presiding

Peter Williams, Tyndale House (Cambridge), Panelist (15 min)

A.J. Culp, Panelist (15 min)

Luke Wisley, University of Cambridge, Panelist (15 min)

Break (10 min)

Dru Johnson, The King's College (New York), Panelist (15 min)

Marvin Sweeney, Claremont School of Theology, Panelist (15 min)

Soo Kim, Panelist (15 min)

Jeremiah Unterman, Respondent (20 min)

Discussion (30 min)